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By: Jaymee B.
Illinois, Age 11

A Girl
By Jaymee

Once in a land that nobody has ever heard of, there was a girl that wasnĂt like any other girls.Once there
was a girl named Ariela. She was a very beautiful young girl, but she didnĂt have the greatest family. She had two stepsisters and 1 step dad. Her mother had died in a mobile accident three years ago. Ever since then her two stepsisters, Brilee and Katrena have been taking advantage of her. They make Ariela do the dishes and their clothes. On a Monday afternoon Ariela asked her stepfather if she could go out to the beach. ˘ Rick, can I go to the beach?÷she asked him. ˘No.÷ he huffed back at her. ˘You still have to clean the bathroom, wash the dishes and take out the garbage before your sisters and I go to the royal gathering tonight.÷ Rick said. ˘Yes sir, father sir.÷ She said to him. ˘Ok then.÷ He said. So Ariela went up to the second floor to clean the bathroom but when she got up there she heard something. She looked back, there was nothing there. Then she looked side to side, still nothing there. So she kept on walking, when she saw something. She had no idea what it was. She said to herself,˘ Was that a fairy?÷ ˘Hey wait up.÷ she said to the fairy. ˘Wait. Who are you and what are you doing here?÷ she yelled at her. Then all of the sudden the fairy flew threw the wall of then she came out right in front of her face and said, ˘I am your fairy godmother Serena.÷ She said to her face. ˘I have a fairy god mother. Wow.÷ Then all of the sudden Ariela heard footsteps. ˘Oh no, my step father is coming.÷ ˘I have to go or I will have to go into the dungeon for a day.÷ Ariela told her godmother worriedly. So she ran to the bathroom and started to clean. ˘Ariela, when I get in there you better be cleaning.÷ her stepfather said to her screaming. ˘DonĂt worry I am Rick.÷ She said back to him. Rick walked into the bathroom and asked her, ˘Whom were you talking to?÷ ˘Oh Rick, IÓ.. I was talking to myself. Who else would I be talking to?÷ ˘Ok but if I find out that you are lying to me you will be put in the dungeon for two days.÷ He said yelling at her. Then ArielaĂs fairy godmother came into the bathroom. ˘Honey, can I please put a spell on him? I would just love to turn him into a pig.÷ Serena said. ˘No no, you canĂt. My two step sisters will accuse me of it and they will through me out of the house.÷ Ariele said. ˘Do I have to remind you that you have a fairy god mother!÷ She said to her. ˘ I know but still. So just leave it at that. But you can help me with my chores.÷ She said to Serena. ˘I think that is executable. What do you have to do?÷ ˘I have to do the dishes, take out the garbage, clean the bathroom, and clean the clothes.÷ she said to Serena. Serena thought that was to much for her to do. ˘Ok sweetie stand back.÷ Serena said. ˘IĂm gonna give this bathroom a free wash. 1-2-3.÷ Then she waved her wand and in a second the bathroom was clean. ˘Now what do you have to do?÷ Serena asked Ariela. ˘I have to take out the trash.÷ she told her. ˘Well thatĂs no problem. 1-2-3.÷ Then they went downstairs and the garbage was gone. ˘Ok now the clothes.1-2-3.Ă Serena pointed and said. Then they went outside and the clothes were on the clothesline drying. ˘Well weĂre done Serena.÷ Ariela said. ˘Now what do you want to do?÷ she asked Serena. ˘Do you want to go to the beach?÷ she asked her. ˘Sure, but do you want to go my way?÷ she asked Ariela. ˘Sure,but what is your way?÷ Ariela said back. ˘Flying.÷ She told her. ˘Wow, Serena I canĂt wait. Come on Serena letĂs go Serena.÷ So then Serena grabbed her hand and then they lifted into the air. Then after two seconds they were at the Florida beach. ˘ I didnĂt mean this beach.÷ She said sarcastically. ˘Well you didnĂt say witch beach.÷ She said to Ariel. So the two went in to the waster and started to swim and talk. ˘ Serena, do you like the water?÷ ˘Why yes, yes I do, why.÷ She asked her. ˘I donĂt know, I was just wondering.÷ After about two hours of swimming they finally went home. When they got home her stepfather was so furious with her he put her in the dungeon for three days without water or anything. What he was making Ariela do made Serena so mad that she turned him into a pig. So after three days she was let out by the two stepsisters. When they let her out they tripped her because they thought that she had killed their father because he was no where to be found. I think you know why. These sisters went to a witch they had read about. They asked her if she could make piousness orange. ˘My little darlings,÷ said the witch ˘Why as a matter of fact a I can make a poisonous orange. Do you want it to be the type that is death, pig, coma, or deep sleep?÷she said. ˘ How about deep sleep.÷ One of the sisters said. So they took the orange home and made a fruit basket. When they were finished they went to go find Ariela. ˘Ariela,Ariela wait, I want you to try my oranges.÷ She said. ˘Sure,why not.÷ She awnsered. So Ariela took a bite and in a few seconds she was on the ground. The two sisters laughed and just walked of with the slittest care in the world. Then the godmother came into the room and gasped. ˘Oh my gosh! What happened?÷ Then she looked in her fairy god book and tried to look up the poisons. Then she found them. She found the orange poison and it said the only way to wake her up is the kiss of a frog. So she put Ariela on the bed so she wouldnĂt get hurt and she went out to look for a frog. After she was out for 5 hours she finally found a frog in the mountains. Is that weird or what, Well anyways, the godmother took the frog back to the house and the frog kissed Ariela. A few seconds later Ariela was yawning and then she got up. ˘What happened?÷ She asked. ˘Your two sisters poisoned you IĂm sorry.÷ Serena said. ˘ItĂs ok it wasnĂt your fault. I have a question for you Serena, Do you think that maybe just maybe you could turn me into a mermaid?÷ she asked her. ˘I could but are you sure you want to do this?÷ Serena asked her. ˘Yes I want to. I just canĂt stand living with them.÷ she said to Serena. ˘Ok then start spinning.÷ Serena said. Then all of the sudden Ariela was a mermaid. ˘Wo-.÷ She stopped in mid sentence because she couldnĂt breathe because now she lived in water and she couldnĂt breathe on land. So Serena poofed her into the ocean and said her good byes because fairies couldnĂt live in the water. So Ariela was on her own. Areila swam off looking for something to do. She was out looking for another mermaid, but instead of a mermaid she found a shark. A great white shark to be exact. She gasped and then swam away as fast as she could. But the shark caught up to her and put her in his mouth. Surprisingly a merman had a sharp rock and threw it at the shark. Ariela needed help and needed it fast. So the merman, Derik, went to go find her. So he swam off. Then at the bottom of the ocean he saw a figure. Then he swam to where the figure was. When he got down there he tried to wake her up. ˘Wake up, wake up.÷ He said to Ariela. After a few minutes he took her up the land. Now since they were above water and then her fairy godmother could come to her. So Serena had a feeling she couldnĂt ignore so she went to go find Ariela. When she did she had no idea how to help her. So Serena went to go find a first aid kit. When she got back with one she put some stuff on her fin so it wouldnĂt get infected. Then about an hour later she woke up and she asked the merman who he was. ˘Hi IĂm Derik and I found you on the ocean floor and I brought you up here and then she came.÷ He said to her. ˘Hi Derik IĂm Ariela and this is my fairy god mother Serena.÷ She said to him. So after they were all introduced Ariela and Derik swam back into the ocean and they became a couple. One day Derik met a sea creature. ˘Hi IĂm Kera the crab.÷ ˘Hi Kera IĂm Derik. Well I have a question for you, If you love someone and you want to spend the rest of your life with them how do you ask them?÷ he said. ˘Well first you make a romantic atmosphere and then you just ask her.÷ She said to him. So Derik went back to his house and he did what Kera said and then he had Ariela come over. ˘Ariela I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you and I have a very important question for you. Ariela will you marry me?÷ he said to her. ˘Oh my gosh. Yes Derik I will be your wife.÷ she said to him. So they set a date and mailed the invitations and that day they became Mr. and Mrs. Derik Reef. And they lived happily ever after.
THE END!!!!!!!