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A Turtle and Ice

By: Sarah H.
Indiana, Age 11

There once was a turtle named Henry that thought he lost his shell. He said it was to cold, but everyone said he had his shell on but he didnÆt believe it. So everyday he had to drink hot chocolate and eat soup. One day we all had an ice cream party and Henry couldnÆt eat the ice cream because he said he was to cold. We all felt sorry for him so we told him to look in a mirror and see for himself that he had his shell on. So he looked in the mirror and saw he had his shell on and remembered he had a bag of ice in his shell for the party. So he said that he was sorry to his friends for not believing in them. So he finally got to eat ice cream after all. He wasnÆt ever cold again, until winter, and remembered that if he puts something in his shell, heÆll remember it.