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Jarred Finds A new Sport

By: Erin F.
Pennsylvania, Age 9

One day Jim, Jeff, Ham, Jared, and Turkey went to go and swim so they could get their minds off of their math test. When they got there they jumped in the pool because they were hot. Then they got a snack at the snack bar. After that, they went to the sandlot to play ball. Then they had to go home. The next day they had to take their math test they all did well so they went out for ice cream. They went to the pool and played some B-ball, Jared liked it so much that he tried out for the team. At 2:45 he made the team. Jeff on the other hand didnĘt like it. It was so hard that he didnĘt want to do it. Jeff was so happy he didnĘt do it. So they all got along and they stayed best friends forever.