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Best Friends

By: Tori J.
Indiana, Age 5

Once apon a time, there was a frog
named Fred, a Rabbit named Molly,and a
turtle named Brad. They were all best
friends. One day Molly was hopping to
Freds house when she saw Brad sitting
under a tree. So Molly hopped over to
him and asked '' What are you doing ?''
'' Just enjoying the nature.'' said Brad
Because Brad loved nature. ''Where are you
off to ?'' '' Just off to Freds house
to see if he wants to go to the park.
Would you like come ?'' '' Sure .''
'' Lets go .'' When they got to
Freds house, he was still in bed.
'' Why are you still in bed ?'' asked
Molly. '' I'm not feeling to good
today.'' said Fred. '' Well we will
take care of you because thats what
friends do .'' said Brad. '' Thank-you.''
And a few weeks later Fred was back
on his feet. Thats what friends are
for. And they lived happly ever after.