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Animals in Space

By: Jacob L.
Texas, Age 13

In a faraway place, in a faraway time there was a big, fat, furry, white cat named Felix. Felix wanted to fly in outer space, but he didn't have a spaceship. So he called his friends Snoopy the small, brown wiener dog and Droopy the gray, hairy squirrel to help him build a spaceship. Snoopy and Droopy met Felix at his house to help him.
They began to build the ship at dawn the next day. When they were working, the neighbors complained about all the noise they heard. They wondered what it was because they heard ''clank, clank, clank,'' all day. The next day they finished the ship and got ready to blastoff, but when they were in the cockpit Felix smelled gas. Snoopy told Felix that he saw the gas near the engine. Droopy then called on the intercom and told them that he made a mistake on the engine and it was about to blowup. Felix and Snoopy then ran for the latter in the back and climbed down in a hurry.
When they landed on the grouned, the ship exploded in a fiery blast. The force threw them 20 feet away and when they landed they turned around and saw Drooy being thrown from the ship and landed with a big thump. The next day they decided to build it again. After one week they finished building itd and this time Droopy did not make the same mistake he did last time. Felix began to countdown and when he reached zero the rocket flew up in the air.
They had spent two weeks in space when Snoopy decided to take the ship himself. Snoopy went to the cockpit and snuck up on Felix and tied him up in a sack. Next he tied up Droopy and put him in the sack. He then put them in an escape pod and sent them back to earth. Snoopy then searched the universe, planet by planet, by himself.
Felix and Droopy learned never to trust a dog till this day. That is why squirrels and cats have always been enemies with dogs.