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''The Little Wolf who Cried Boy''

By: Reilly W.
Georgia, Age 12

There once was a little wolf named Ernaldoyre who was the world's greatest liar. He could fool anyone he even onced fooled a king named King Reilly Winters, of England. Usually the wolf tryed to keep lying as little as possible but, he couldn't help himself that day of lying to the whole pack of wolves saying there was a boy coming. So he went on the top of the hill and yelled as loud as he could ''Boy!'' of course everyone beleived him and they all went into their homes. The next day he decides to do it again seeing all the expressions on their faces when he came down laughing hysterically. So he goes on the cliff and yells as loud as he can ''Boy!'' Only a few of the wolves did not go in their homes and the rest of them did. When he came down laughing everyone had another twisted up face like the day before. The next day he decides to do it one and last time. So he goes to the hill, and what does he find? He finds a boy and a man each with a rifle in their hands. The men kill all the wolves in the pack, and that is why wolves do not lie when their life can be jeapordized.