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By: Danny E.
Virginia, Age 8

One day in Abeeville,Ala it was quiet a happy day. Danny came out of his house and said''ahhhhh what a nice day'' Then he heard a sound ''rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'' Danny said''what is that sound'' it was a EARTHQAUKE Danny ran out of his house and screamed ''RUN'' evreybody ran out of there houses. Five minutes later Abbeville,ala was pin quiet .The earthqauke was behind evreybody They had to save thereselves they did,HOW?they went Abanda,ALA While the earthquake was going to Abel,ALA three months later Danny was the mayor of Abanda,ALA he declared''we the poeple of Abbeville,ALA our home now''Abbeville,ALA and Abanda,ALA poeple''yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'' and they live safely without anuoter earthquake again.