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''How the armodilo got his shell''

By: Kahola M.
Arkansas, Age 11

Once upon a time in a lonely forest there lived an armodilo.This armodilo was
no ordinary armodilo he didn't have a shell.That means he couln't go any where because his skin is to soft.He always asked for help from the other animal to
find food.
''Dear owl'' said the armodilo
''Can you please help me find some yummy ants to eat''
''well sertantly'' said the owl and he set off looking for a yummy treat for the young armodilo.Just minates later the young owl returned with an usual object
filled with ants.
''Here you are something for you to eat''said the owl
''Oh thank you owl''the armodilosaid
As the armodilo started to eat he got deeper into the strange object and got stuck he tried and tried to get out but he couln't get out.As he waled around looking for help he relized that he was safe to walk around.That's how the armodilo got his shell.