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A cave man story

By: Aaron D.
Illinois, Age 10

The Cave Man Story
Long, long ago there was a person who lived in a land where there was tons of magical fruit and there where dinosaurs who where looking for food. They spotted a Bunny rabbit so the dinosaurs started after the bunny rabbit. As they where gaining on to it the caveman started after the dinosaurs and he was slowing down for some reason and suddenly he threw his club at some fruit and hit it and ate it and then he started running faster than the speed of sound. The dinosaurs got so furious they started after him and the bunny rabbit got away but the dinosaurs were still after the caveman they where gaining up on him and then he hit them with his club and they fainted with the hit to there heads. He got past them but they got up again and for some reason they ran away and they both the bunny rabbit and the caveman got away. Suddenly some more dinosaurs came but these dinosaurs where different they ran faster than ever before then the caveman got very angry at these new dinosaurs so he threw his club again but it missed the dinosaurs and hit him in the head so he got knocked out and started walking backwards and fell into a hole and he got out of the hole and ran for the dinosaurs and this time he got to hit them in the back of head and knocked them out and he threw them in a lake and they got out and ran for there life's and the most fierce dinosaur of all came the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex the caveman was no match for him so he swung his mighty tail at the caveman and the caveman went flying threw the air into a lake and came up for air but where was his club he had lost his club in the water so he went down to get it and he got his club back and went for his legs and that was a mistake to do that it had broken his club so the mighty tyrannosaurus rex went and tripped because what I had said before was not true it had inflicted pain on the dinosaur so it tripped onto a cliff and sense he was so heavy he fell of a cliff and that was the end of him for ever but just then a mysterious monster came along then a another monster came and then for a split second they started a battle towards each other and there they went to see who's better than the other one so they fought and then they where evenly matched so the went in different directions so that was the end of the fight and they went home.