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A Little Bird Named Ricky

By: Eliana G.
New York, Age 13

A long time ago there was a bird named Ricky who lived in Buenos Aires. When he was born he saw people walking or driving cars and lots of houses. He kept asking why he couldŠt have a human body like the people in the street. Ricky was a small bird with a mouth and a long, shy, nice, funny face.
Gaston was one of the people Ricky saw. Gaston saw Ricky in the window of the store and he brought the bird home because he liked RickyŠs singing.
But one day when Gaston comes home from work the bird was not there. Ricky wanted to find his way home. He never sees his mother any more. He always thinks that he want to see his father too. He found out he had four brothers and wanted to see them too. While he was flying home, he saw a bird called Maria. She was yellow and green almost the same as Ricky who was yellow and blue. He smiled at her as he went by. She waved back and their friendship began.
Then he started to get hungry. He saw an old woman called Sara. Ricky followed her home and landed on the gate in the front of her house. Sara started to give Ricky pieces of cookies. He kept coming back and she always gave him cookies or bread. Ricky went to Maria and told her that Sara gave food and both of the birds went to her every day.
Ricky was flying one day and he saw Gaston. But Gaston didnĂt remember him. So Ricky began singing the somgs that Gaston liked. Gaston turned around and saw the bird and asked himself, ˘could this be my little Ricky?÷ Ricky kept singing the song and Ricky and Gaston stayed together. Maria came to live with them because she didnĂ5t have any place to live.
Ricky and Maria take Gaston to visit Sara and they became good friends. Gaston lets Ricky and Maria go to SaraĂs house every day for the cookies.
One day Ricky and Maria went for cookies but Sara wasnĂt at the window. They found her in the bathroom on the floor. Ricky started poking her with his mouth and she never moved. Then Ricky and Maria left her houses and went fast get Gaston.
They found Gaston and stared pulling his shirt to get his real an as fast as he attention then Maria went back Sara house and found a picture of Sara.
She brought it back to Gaston and Maria was faking falling on the floor like Sara did. Gaston understood that Ricky and Maria wanted him to go to Sara because they kept pointing at the picture Gaston took the car and went as fast as he could and found Sara. Gaston called all and Sara went to the hospital. She came back home 4 day later feeling fine. Gaston asked Sara to live together and take care of her. Ricky asked Maria to move into his bird cage. They all lived together Ricky smiled at Sara and he thought.
ONE good deed deserve another kind to someone
And they will be kind to you. He said to Maria,÷I like being a bird
I found you as my friend.