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A Friend

By: Ronny C.
New York, Age 13

Long ago in Flushing, Queens in an abandoned house there was a city, a little city with mostly spiders. The house was a three-story house. The spiders were on the first floor because flies came in a wide window that was broken. There was a spider that had a son. His name was mini-spider. They both lived together. The mama spider was killed by the evil big Praying Mantis. Now the father, Spidy, is with his son. The Praying Mantis canĂt climb on walls. He could only walk on the ground and hide. The ground is all his property.
One day a big bee was looking inside of the house. He never looked or went inside a house before, so the bee was wandering around. The bee saw a weird creature hiding. The view was at the right side of him so he didnĂt see the spider web in front of him. Spidy was waiting for a meal to come and so was mini-spider. Spidy was teaching his son how to catch a bee. The web caught the bee, the bee was so scared. He was going crazy, trying to escape. The spiders were ready to eat him until the bee pleaded,Ă Please donĂt eat me. I could be your friendĂĂ. Spidy stopped for a moment to think about it. He had a sad look on his face. Mini-spider gave the father a weird look.
So the father took the bee off the web with his hairy and sticky arms. The bee thanked him.Ă Thank you thank you so muchĂĂ. The bee said with joy. The father introduced his son. ŠĂThis is my son, Mini-spiderĂĂ. The bee said, ˘WhereĂs the mom?÷ The father mumbled with a sad voice. ˘SheĂs dead'', said Spidy. ˘I'm sorry for that÷. ˘Its ok÷, said Spidy. ˘Ahhhh÷ the father said. ÷I guess weĂre going to start eating crickets÷. ˘Oh boy÷ said Mini-Spider.
Suddenly Mini-Spider saw a cricket. Mini-Spider zapped like a jet trying to catch the cricket. The cricket was on the floor hopping. Mini-Spider fell of the web.÷ Ahhhh÷, Mini-Spider tried his web but he didnĂt know how. Spidy was talking to the bee. Meanwhile, Praying Mantis spotted a little spider. ÷Mmmm, this is going to be good÷, said Praying Mantis.
The Praying Mantis came out of a broken couch. Meanwhile he was talking to the spider. ˘Hi! My name is Spidy÷, said the spider. ˘My name is Bee÷, said the bee. ˘Bee?÷ asked Spidy. ˘Yeah÷, said Bee.
During this conversation Praying Mantis saw the spider.
Bee just noticed that SpidyĂs son is missing. Bee told spidy that his son wasnĂt here. Spidy was looking around calling Mini Spider.÷ Mini Spider where are you÷ said Spidy.
Spidy saw his son on a corner with Praying Mantis.PrayingMantis was getting ready to eat the spider. Spidey was telling bee his plan.÷ Bee, OK, I need you to lift me up on your back and fly me directly to Praying mantis OK!÷ said Spidy ˘OKĂĂ said Bee. Spidy was on top of his back.÷ Hold on tight,÷ said Bee. Who ho!÷ shouted Spidy. They both were going directly to Praying Mantis. The Bee was flaying as fast as he could. Spidy and Bee flew passed Praying Mantis. As soon the Bee past Praying Mantis Spidy jumped off of Bee. Spidy was on top of Praying Mantis. The Praying Mantis was going crazy trying to catch Spidy. Praying Mantis was getting distracted. Bee was still flying. When he saw Praying Mantis getting distracted, he flew right to Mini-Spider and the Bee swooped the Spider. Bee was heading back to the web. Mini Spider was so scared when he was on the back of Bee. Bee left Mini Spider on the spider web. Spidy was crying for help. ˘Help, help, help!÷ Bee went straight to Praying Mantis. Spidy jumped on Bee. ˘Thank you. I was so scared,÷ said Spidy. Spidy was shooting his web all over Praying Mantis. Spidy was shooting his web as much as he could. Praying Mantis was stuck inside the web. Praying Mantis looked like he was covered in a cocoon. Praying Mantis was stuck well. Bee flew right back to the web. Spidy was happy. So was Mini Spider. ˘Thank you so much,÷ said Mini Spider. Praying Mantis was stuck and could never escape and he wonĂt be able to kill anyone any more.
Two days later Bee was happy with his life and so were Spidy and Mini Spider. All the citizens were not scared to go down to the floor. The Bee lives in a hive inside the house. Praying Mantis is now dead but heĂll still be remembered.
They made a lot of room on the floor. Now thereĂs a school, a library, and a big food court. They lived happily every after. Bee and Spidy were like brothers. They got each otherĂs back.