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''Ghost Spirit''

By: Claritza F.
Nebraska, Age 13

Molly was staring out the window of her cold bedroom,remembering her sweet mom playing with her in the backyard before she died.Her mom was skinny,pink cheeeks tall, and a nice looking. Molly's mom was the kind of mother that6 got into everything at least into her families stuff, not because she wanted to bother anyone, but because she cared about her family. Since Molly was the only child in the family. The three adults they loved her so much that every time they wented to thje stores they bought everything she loved or at least what they tough she liked, but Molly didn;t care about the gifts except her family.Now that she lost her mother she wished she could give up her toys,moey she was saving for her mother's presents just to have her mom back with her.Molly missed her so much. One night after Molly came from the grave, because she went to visit her mom.molly was kind of upset with her father because he took her to see, and visit her mom in the grave for just half-hour.It was one o'clock in the morning when Molly woke up because she had a nightmare about her dad been killed.Molly thought it was true so she went outside of her room, when she gasped when she saw her mom's spirit standing still infront of her. Molly screamed,''daaaaaaaad.''