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A Giants First Bath

By: Cydni G.
Michigan, Age 12

One day a long, long, long time ago had its first hurricane. It all stared with a fourteen year old Regina, a thirty-eight year old woman named Susan, and last but definitely not least Mr. Karl, a sixty- seven year old green and brown ant. One day Regina was walking to see her best friend Mr. Karl. She loved surprising him so she wore her favorite outfit; it was a pair of green, red, black plaid pants and a black shirt. When Regina got there Mr. Karl was sick, so sick he turned blue and black instead of green and brown. Mr. Karl could not do his job. His job was to fix peoples problems, but he had a problem of his own. So he told Regina to do it. Regina was so pleased! Regina told Mr. Karl ˘I would love to, anything to please you Mr. Karl.÷ ˘Oh, thanks s a lot Regina, youĂre a great friend÷ said Mr. Karl÷. Regina took off to do this for Mr. Karl. The job was to help this giant with her problem. Mr. Karl was the wisest of the wise that is why he helped people with their problems. Regina skipped and skipped down Main Street Lane with her shoulder length hair, brunette hair flying in the wind. It took her an hour in her mind that is seventy-five minutes. This giant lived in Damonton Springs, which she built herself, the only place she could fit. It had a huge, beautiful lake. Regina got there and rang the doorbell ˘ding dong,÷ went the door. ˘Hello, little girl how may I help you,÷ said the giant. ˘I think I am here to help you,÷ said Regina. ˘Who sent you, said the giant. ˘Calm down please,÷ said Regina. ˘Mr. Karl sent me because, he is sick÷, said Regina. ˘Oh! Come on in÷, said the giant. ˘Thank you so very much÷, said Regina. ˘Take a seat÷, said the giant. ˘Tell me about yourself and your problems÷, said Regina. ˘Well, I am a giant as you can see, my name is Susan, and I can not bathe ant where because there is not a big enough space÷, said Susan. ˘With your big, bold hands and long, strong arms you should build a way around this ocean up the road and make sure you build an opening to walk in and out of.÷ Said Regina. ˘Cover it with leaves÷ also said Regina. Regina left and went back to Mr. Carl to tell him all about what happened. Mr. Carl was so delighted. ˘Thanks again÷. Said Mr. Carl. ˘Oh youĂre so welcome said Regina. Meanwhile, Susan the giant was working on fixing her own problem. After she built it, she took it back. She put her long as her skyscraper hair into a bun. Her towel was made out of grass and tree bark. She got it and started bathing. She was so very delighted. SusanĂs smile was ecstatic. The ocean was not very deep at all. Susan did not have a plug to let out the water, so after the first three baths, the water was not clean. So every time she moved, the water would build up onto the city. Once she flipped over the water came out of the ocean and onto the city and everything was floating. Mr. Carl and Regina said, ˘Hurry, come out of there÷. She did, but she thought that they said hurricane. ThatĂs what they called it then, so thatĂs how hurricanes got there name.