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A Pink Flamingo

By: Jeanette J.
Texas, Age 13

Once Upon a time there was a beautiful girl.She was the princess of Narnia and she really loved pink also. Narnia was an enchanted forest were there were lots of animals who talked. There were lots of fairies also, but one day the princess went to take a stroll in the forest. All of a sudden she found a house that was abandoned by the lake. She went in to explore what was in there or maybe even who lived in there. When she knocked on the door, but nobody answered so she went around to the back of the house to knock on the back door. When she did nobody answered so she opened the door and what did she see! She saw a person, but it wasn't an ordinary person. She looked closer and it was a witch! As soon as the witch turned around she zaped her. You will never guess what she turned into, a flamingo. Flamingos were usually a grayish white, but since she loved pink the poor girl turned into a pink flamingo. From that day on flamingos have always been pink.