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A Flying Cow

By: Cristina F.
Texas, Age 12

Once upon a time in Washington D.C. years ago, there lived a flying cow who even knew how to speak two languages. Nobody believed the he existed! He lived in a castle.

It was his birthday and he wanted to invite everyone in the entire town. He even wrote on the invitation..''I have magical wings. I can fly!'' All of the other animals didn't believe him except for this Duck. She thought he was telling the truth!

The day of the party Duck showed up and says, ''Hi! How are you doing?? My name is Kile Duck.''

The cow said, ''My name is Andrew.''

''No one in town believes you have magical wings and that you can talk, but I do, said Kile Duck. When I read the invitation I thought to myself 'Why would Andrew just write this and lie?' So, I decided to come and see for myself if was true or not. Now that I see you, I can tell it is true!''

Andrew replied, ''What are we doing just standing here. It's a party! Let's have fun.''

Kile asked, ''What is there to do? Can we play volleyball?''

''Sure,'' said Andrew.

Kile had a blast and came back the next day to hang out some more. While they were having fun, Andrew asked if Kile could tell the town that he was telling the truth and that he WAS tellig the truth. Kile agreed.

Kile and Andrew remained friends forever!!

The moral of the story--Never judge someone before you meet that someone.