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A Turtle's Helmet

By: Robert R.
New Jersey, Age 11

There was a turtle named Anthony. Anthony bought a new bike because all his friends had bikes. One day he went to ride his new bike with his friends but his mom stopped him and said put on your helmet! But he said I dont have one and I don't have any more money. So the little turtle had to get a job at Shoprite so he got the job and he had to work for two weeks to get the helmet. When the two weeks were over he got his money and went to buy the helmet. He walked to toys ''R'' us and the helmets were sold out. Then he was mad. He took a bus to Kb's but it was closed, so now he was furious. Next Anthony took the bus again and went to turtle's ''r'' us. They were open and they had the helmet so he bought it and when he got out of the store he was so happy. He ran home without stopping when he got home his bike was right by the door. But there was one thing wrong he didn't know how to put the helmet on, so he put it on his back and got his bike and rode away with his friends. That's how turtle's have their shells.