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A Girl

By: Chelsey L.
Iowa, Age 10

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her name was Lizzie Elizabeth. She wears hair in a ponytail, has brown hair, and blue eyes. Whenever she went shopping she gets mad cause she doesnĂt have money to buy something she wanted. One day she did hundreds of chores and got 4$ and she was happy so they went shopping and got what she wanted. She was very happy now. And then they went to order the food. They ordered their food she set her thing she bought down on the ground and ate. When anther person came to sit down they said look over there. So I did and they stole my thing I bought. I screamed so loud everybody looked at me. So I said give it back. So her mom said run after it. So I said ok mom so I did. I got it. I said help me mom. I am trying to. I got it. So then they ran the fastest ever. Can we go to get some candy? Yes if you go get them and I donĂt have to go in. Ok. I will. So she went in and said to the manager ˘Where are the pop and Snickers barsĂĂ? Right here. Thank you. So I paid. It was $5.62. I got back in the car and said, ˘I got you a candy bar and some pop.''