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By: Lilli S.
Florida, Age 10

one day in the early morning ,in a pumpkin patch , there was a baby
pumpkin all alone in the back of an old broken down truck . One day two bus loads of people came to the pumpkin patch three days before HALLOWEEN and did not notice a single eye on the baby pumpkin . so he did everything he could to be noticed ,he tried pulling the back door of the truck open but he was to weak. then he tried rolling againest the truck door with all his might ,but the people were just to loud !!!
The last thing the baby pumpkin tried he drank all of the drinking water he had found in the truck HE DRANK IT ALL!!! ,but he just ended up with tummy ache after rolling againest the back door .The day before HALLOWEEN the little pumpkin had still not been bought , a little girl about 3 years old and her mother and father pulled up in a little car .The pumpkin heard the little girls parents talking to the owner of the pumpkin patch about BABY PUMPKINS !!! ,AND THE OWNER SAID...i only have one ... you dont want a tiny pumkin then the little girl said ... I WANT TINY ! then the parents said ... WILL TAKE IT ! then the baby pumpkins dream came true and was finally bought and carved and the baby pumpkin was never sad again!