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A Trick Gone too Far

By: Brittney R.
Pennsylvania, Age 14

Once upon a time there was a girl by the name of Chloe. Well Chloe used to like to do all kinds of tricks to scare people. One day she played a trick on one of her friends named Beth. Chloe bought a fake halloween prop which was a life-like body and hid it in Beth's closet when she was not home. Later that night Beth returned home and was about to put her clothes sway, she opened up the closet door and a bloodied man flew at her. Beth flew down the hallway steps crying and screming ˘mom mom there's a dead man in my closet, call the cops.÷ So her mother went upstairs to check out what her daughter was screaming about. She came down and told her it was a plastic dummy. Her mom said ˘maybe it was one of your friends.÷ Right away Beth knew it was Chloe. Beth went to ChloeĂs house that night to confront her about the incident. Chloe acted like she didnĂt even know what Beth was talking about, So Beth replied ˘that's alright Chloe I knew it was you and IĂm going to get you back somehow, just wait and see.÷
Beth returned home later that night, she went to her room and started to think about how she was going to get Chloe back. All of a sudden it came to her. Quickly Beth wrote the idea down and started to plan how she was going to complete it. Beth called one of her friends by the name of Amanda, Amanda was also one of ChloeĂs friends. Beth asked Amanda about doing her a favor. Amanda agreed to go along with it. The favor was to get Chloe to think that she hurt Amanda. That night Amanda invited Chloe over to watch a movie with her. Amanda took Chloe into her fatherĂs study where he kept his gun collection. Amanda took one of the unloaded guns out of the case, while Chloe went and paid for a pizza. Amanda switched the unloaded gun with a life like toy cap gun that sounded almost real. Well when Chloe returned back to the study, Amanda handed Chloe the gun. Amanda asked did you ever play Russian Roulet? Chloe replied with a ˘no.÷ ˘Wanna play?÷ asked Amanda. Ok how? Chloe answered her.
Well I point the gun at you and if it doesnĂt go off then it's your turn ok there is one bullet in the cylinder. Chloe wasnĂt afraid of anything so she ssid ˘go for it.÷
Amanda pointed the gun at Chloe and pulled the trigger, nothing. Amanda then handed the gun to Chloe, ˘go for it÷ Amanda replied. Chloe pulled, BAM. Amanda fell to the floor. She was bleeding. Chloe ran to her side IĂm so sorry, hold on IĂm going to call the police. Wait said Amanda as she bounced to her feet, You didn't shoot me, silly, it's a cap gun. But ''you're bleeding,'' replied Chloe. Amands answered with it's a fake blood capsule from the halloween store around the corner. Chloe said you scared me to death why would you do such a thing?
I wanted to see how you like being scared, Beth wanted me to get you back for what you had done to her earlier. So have you learned your lesson about how sometimes tricks can go too far Amanda asked? Yes, I have said Chloe IĂm so sorry.