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Dreaming Hunter

By: Toan T.
Pennsylvania, Age 14

The Legend Of Hunter

Long, long ago, there lived a boy who was full of greed and loved the agony of pain on peopleĂs faces. His name was Steve and he made people suffer by being a bully and would put people down just for the fun of it. One day, he bumped into a woman on the street and started making fun of her saying she was more older than the viking who had first settled. Little did he know, she was a witch and she had wispered to him, ˘better watch yourself son... .'' He felt guilty for a slight moment and then left her bleeding lifelessly from her emotions as she watched him walk away.
Later that day, she called for the dreaming hunter, ˘Hunter÷ and told him to follow ˘Steve.÷ Hunter was told to follow this boy for five years and end it when his five year was up. Hunter was once a man who was grant-ed death upon in his sleep as a soldier and was offered this job by atheist, the one who serves nobody. He then had killed people that needed to pay for the pain that they inflicted on people in their dreams and his weapon was nothing else but oneĂs own guity conscience and oneĂs own fear.

During the five years, Hunter came face to face at first with the boy on the night he had disrespected the witch. The hunter had a bloody sword covered in shadows and his face could barely be seen. The boy keeps on running away in his own nightmare, but everywhere he go, Hunter would find him helplessly weeping and begging for mercy. He saw flashes of memories of the beatings he gave people and would wake-up everyday from a nasty nightmare. This went on for five years and on the last day, he saw the words, ˘Judgement Day÷ coming from the hunters mouth. he didnĂt wake-up at all later on on that day or any other day but he would just be there laying lifelessly on his bed all alone in the dark...
The Moral
The moral of the story is just plain and simple. Bad actions will come back to haunt you....literally.