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By: Presshus C.
Pennsylvania, Age 15

I am writing my own myth entitled, The Farmer and Bambe. This myth is based on a farmer and a deer Bambe who never got along with each other. ItĂs also based on appreciation.
In a land where itĂs always bright. A place that is so peaceful, clean and fun. Where there are lots of rainbows. In a place, where no one is on earth. There lived a farmer a deer by the name of Bambe and an angel. Even though this place is a land where itĂs so peaceful, well the farmer and Bambe could never get along. It began right after the queen died who was like a mother figure to them. The Farmer and Bambe where always arguing and fighting about why the roads arenĂt clean and why that person didnĂt do something first. But one day the angel sent a man beneath the rainbow on the land to get the Farmer and Bambe to connect better so that they would be able to get along. Although they got along well with the man. But they continued to fuse. Until the man made a deal, that they have one day to prove that they were able to get along. Unless he dies and return to the angel. Since they wanted him to stay, they pretended to like and appreciate each other by saying please and think you. The angel did not accept their doings and told them that they wouldn't be granted two day to show that they care for each other. The man died instantly and returned to the angel. The angel took away everything and left them alone in the middle of no where, with nothing to eat, nothing to drink and nowhere to sleep, just themselves. The moral of this myth is to appreciate and care for the ones you love because youĂll never know when you might lose them.