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A clever monkey

By: Gaurang B.
Pennsylvania, Age 15

There was a village near river. One crocodile was living there with his wife. There was many tree near that river. But there was a black-berry tree too. A monkey was living on the black-berry tree. A monkey was eating sweet black-berry everyday and throwing stone of black-berry into river. After sometime they both got friendship. They both was really good friend. Whenever a monkey throw the stone of black-berry, a crocodile was eating stone of black berry.
Oneday a crocodile took some stone of black-berry to his wife. His wife ate that and she said, these stone of black-berry are really nice. A crocodile told his wife whole story about him and his friend. After that she said, how sweet monkeyĘs heart would be, because of monkey eats black-berry everyday. A crocodile understand what a crocodile has to do.
A crocodile went near black-berry tree, and told a molkey that his wife invite him to dinner. A monbkey was angree with a crocodile and a monkey went with crocodile. A monkey was sitting on a crocodile and that time a crocodile said, monkey u eat black-berry then how sweet would be your heart. A monkey understand whole story and a monkey said, i forgot my heart on black-berry tree. And a crocodile took him to the black-berry three and when black-berry three came a monkey went on three very quickly. After that a monkey said, foollish crocodile heart never be on tree itĘs always with body, and they broke frindship.
The advise from this fable many but the main is we have to make good friend, otherwise itĘs would ve harmless. and our future wouldnĘt be good.