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Azuri's Mistake

By: Nasiyah A.
Pennsylvania, Age 14

Once upon a time there was a girl named Azuri who is pregnant. Azuri was told by her father that after her baby was born that she would have to go to Nasiyah's Island, which was not ery far from her island (Ab's Island). When Azuri got to Nasiyah's Island she was instructed to capture the troll and bring him back within a weeks period of time. This was a hard task. Many of people had tried this before and they all failed each time. That was an even harder task for Azuri because she was only a teenage girl and only had a weeks period of time as far as her father knew. The trolls name was Darryl. Darryl was a good person most of the time, his only problem was that he was very stingy. That is his reason for living on Nasiyah's Island instead of Ab's Island. Finally the day came when Azuri gave birth to a baby girl named Alexis. The day Azuri went to Nasiyah's Island she found him right away. Azuri talked to the troll and told him told him her situation. The troll understood that she really wanted to keep her baby and went back to the village with her. When they returned Azuri's father was so suprised. He was a little upset because he doubted his daughter. Azuri got to keep her daughter and they lived happily ever after in their kindom.