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Animal Town

By: Shane S.
Oklahoma, Age 15

In A town where only animals lived. All the trees were dead. The houses were deserted as if someone .lived there 100 years back. There were animals running in the streets, inside houses, on top of them, all over the town, the town was called Harpursville. It burnt down 200 years ago everyone died. People believe this town is haunted. Some say the spirits of the people who died, are in the animals. People never ever came close to this town, there our stories going around about people who did, and died. I have a friend who went there once. He was the only one to go there for a week and come back living, his name was bam. He was 18 years old, always loved adventures and supernatural things, the day he heard about Harpursville he was 2. His dream was to always go there and live a week. He finally got the courage to go there. This is his story, Day 1: I was walking into the town for the first time. Seemed normal to me except for all the half broken houses. So I went in a house and it had a bed and looked like someone lived there, didnít see any un-normal actions yet. It was getting late so I lay down and went to sleep. Day 2: I woke up, look around in the cabinets for food, I found some cereal, opened the box and there was a rat in there, he had only one ye. I took him out of the box thinking he was dead. He jumped up and bit my ear, and then he just ran off. My ear was bleeding badly. Took some tissue and cleaned the blood. I lost so much blood that day, I felt week, so I laid down and went to sleep. Day 3: My ear was a lot better now, so I went outside to walk around. I saw an old food shop. I went to see if there was any food in there, opened the door and a dog with no skin attacked me. It was biting on my leg. I quickly grabbed a 2 by 4 and hit him with it. He turned to dust and just vanished. This point I was extremely scared and exited at the same time to see a real ghost. It was amazing, but my leg wasnít even bleeding at all. So I grabbed some food, an old can of beans, and ate it, while I was eating it, A bird with no skin or feathers just came and hit me in the head with itís head. I woke up and was at my own house, the bird was on my tv.