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By: Yudith M.
Pennsylvania, Age 14

One day the dolphins were chillinÆ in the bottom of the sea. They were laughing and just relaxing! But then the big sharks bust in there and said we the sharks are bigger than you and cuter and build up!! The dolphins were very scared and they left the place as fast as they can.So this teasing and bad jokes got to the dolphins, and they were very angy.So they were getting very mad and so they decided to chill out in another place but everywhere they went they seem to find sharks and the sharks always were very strong and they always wanted to take over! But then all the dolphins gathered around to talk about the situation. Of course they did not want to be bullied around so they thought of idea to get the sharks!So they started getting build up, trying to look muscular and big and tough but it wasn't working. So they began with another plan but no one of the plans were working, so they tryed to give up! But they couldÆent they had to find a way to talk to the sharks. So finally a dolphin thought about talking to the sharks and see what they would do because they only wanted to chill out and kick it somewhere. So they did they went up to the sharks and talked it out and the sharks said okay I guess we can all share this place, they all became friends and they where all chillinÆ.
********Sometimes itÆs better to talk things out then to fight for them and donÆt try to be like other people; be you ********