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Elyza's Adenture To UnicornLand

By: Mandalynn W.
Pennsylvania, Age 14

Once there was a girl named Elyza. Elyza had a thing for unicorns,she thought they were the most beautiful creatures ever. One day she read a boo about some girl going into the land of unicorns. So Elyza got an idea,since she loved unicorns so much ,she cwuld wish to go to the land of the unicorns.
For just about 3 weeks Elyza had been wishing to her soul to go to the land of unicorns. After about 2 more weeks of wishing, Elyza realized nothing was going to happen, so she just said fprget it,its not working. But one night Eyza was sound asleep in her bed,until all of a sudden her room began to shakke back and forth. Then the shaking stopped,Elyza thought everything was fine until she took the covers off her eyes,and looked down and saw that she was flying in the air. She got scared so she layed back down in her bed. All of a sudden she felt her room go ˘BOOM÷,she took her covers off and saw that her room had landed on the round. She looked around to see where she had landed and she had no clue as to here she might be. So she went walking around to find someone to help her get home.
While she was walking she heard someone laughing and giggling behind the big ockk,so she goes to check to see what or who it was. She turned the corner and she saw two little baby unicrns laughing and playing around. She couldnĂt believe her eyes as to what she was seeing,so she reached her hand out to touch one of them,but the unicorns gt scared so the ran and hid in the bushes. she said no wait stop IĂm not going to hurt you,IĂm just looking for help,so they can find out where I am.The unicorns werenĂt scared anymore so they came out of the bush and asked the girl what her name was,she said my name is Elyza,and what are your names? The Blue colored unicorn said my name is Bluenight,and the pink colored unicorn said my name is Pinkerbell. Elyza asked them where sheĂs at and they tell her,you are in the Land of the Unicorns.
Pinkerbell whispers in BluenightĂs ear ˘hey why donĂt we invite Elyza to eat at our house!? Ok Bluenight said, you ask her. Pinkerbell went up to ask Elyza is she wanted to eat at her home. Elyza said sure IĂd love to eat out,but is that ok with your mother or father.? Bluenight said,yes itĂll be ok,our parens wonĂt mind,weĂll just explain to them what happened. Elyza said o,then IĂll eat over,and hey Blue do you think itĂll be ok if I take a bath or shower at your home? Yeh sure my mom wonĂt mind,said Pinkerbell.
So Elyza,Bluenight,and Pinkerbell walked home,as they approached the house,BluenightĂs and PinerbellĂs mother comes running out screaming Bluenight and Pinkerbell where have the two of you been?! I told you to be home early,Bluenight and Pinkerbell both said were sorry Mama. Mama had said itĂs ok, and who might you be young lady,Blue explained to his mother,this is our new friend and her name is Elyza. Hi Elyza its nice meeting you,and you may call me Mama. Hey Mama may Elyza eat over our home?,Pinkerbell had asked. Sure she can eat over.
Now the 3 of you should go inside and wash up.supper will be ready soon. Ok Mama said Blue. So the 3 of them went inside to wash up in time for dinner. As Pinkerbell was washing her face, Mama yelled upstairs ˘supper is ready÷. Bluenight yelled down ˘ok Mama weĂll be right down. After Pinkerbell fnished washing her face,they all went downstairs and ate their supper. As they ate,Mama had asked Elyza how she got to Unicorn Land. Elyza told her everythng,about her wishing to go to Unnicorn Land,and it came true,and not she doesnĂt know how to get home. While Elyza was talking Mama had interrupted her by saying ˘I may have a way that could get you home.How Elyza asked anxiously!? Well honey if we are going to do this you are going to have to follow all the steps because itĂll only work once. Ok what do I have to do?,Elyza had asked.
Ok this is what you have to do,weĂll first have to go back to the place where you have landed. Second your going to need some unidust from my horn,and then you need three types of flowers called magicflow,rockbottom,and wishstick,and mix the unidust and the flowers together in a little bowl or cup,and drink it,and as you swalllow you have to say to yourself ˘I want to go home÷,and then youĂll be home in no time. ThatĂs all I have to do?,asked Elyza. Yes thats everything,Mama explained. I think we should do this first thing tomorrow morning,said Mama. Ok yeh Elyza,well I better get to bed because I canĂt wait to get home and tell my mom about this beautiful place. Oh wait Elyza!,Mama had said,yes Mama Elyza answered,sorry but you canĂt tell anyone in the Humanworld about this place,not even your mother. Oh ok I wonĂt tell anyone IĂll keep it a secret,promised Elyza.
Elyza,Bluenight,and Pinkerbell went off to bed. Elyza could not sleep that night, she kept thinking about getting home,after some more thinking Elyza drifted off to sleep. Soon morning came and Elyza was so excited about going home, she cooked the unicorn family a thank you breakfast.
After everyone ate breakfast,they left to collect the flowers that they needed for the potion. After they found all the flowers they went looking for the place where Elyza had landed. They looked and looked for the place, after a while Elyza pointed out a place and sai this is the place were i landed. Mama asked are you sure this is the place?, you better make sure because you donĂt want anything to go wrong. Elyza thought about it for a minute and said yes this is the place and IĂm positive. Ok here is the bowl and the stuff you need to make the potion. Elyza took the stuff from Mama and put it in the bowl and mixed it up together. The potion was ready for Elyza to drink, but before she drank the potion she wanted to say goodbye, so she gives Bluenight a hug, then Pinkerbell, and then Mama. Okay now IĂm ready to go now said Elyza.
Just as she was getting ready to drink the potion Mama yelled out Wait! As Elyza stopped and looked up, Mama threw a gold necklace with a heart to Elyza and it said Unicorn Land. If you ever feel lonely or you just want to come visit is you may rub the heart and say Unicorn Land 4 times and you will end up here. Elyza said thank you ery much Mama. After Elyza said her goodbyes again she really drank the potion this time,and said to herself I wanna go home,and ˘POOF÷ she was home!