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A Day in Wyoming!

By: Selma M.
New York, Age 12

Once in Wyoming, A little boy named, Jack, was walking in the woods at around 3:00 in the morning. It was a stormy -night; there was hard rain and loud thunder. Jack went far away from his house. He wanted to go see his grandmother because his mommy told him a scary story about his grandmother.
Once in 1990 there were old people who used to live in the house that JackÆs grandparents lived in now. They had ghosts in that house and they had dead people, bad spells and all the things that were very bad. Once it was so scary that JackÆs grandmother, Marta, who was watching T.V. in the living room, had the T.V. start to go louder and lower and then it said ôMUTEö. She got very scared and ran to her bedroom were JackÆs grandfather, Jacob was. He was sleeping and she ran into the room and soon someone started to choke him. It was a devil. The bed was moving and jumping up and down, side to side. The kitchen stove turned on, the water in the sink was turning on and off. Soon the whole entire house got burned, but Jacob died and Marta stayed alive.
Jack hurried up to go out to see if everything was ok. He finally gets to his grandmotherÆs house and he saw that no one was there and he waited and waited but no one showed up. So when his grandmother finally got home she didnÆt see him, and he has been missing for 2 years. When she was going to plant some fruits in the summer she saw him dead, pale as a chalk His grandmother saw him in her backyard buried with weeds growing all over him. She called the police and they took him to the hospital and they found out that his best friend Richard killed him with a gun and stabbed him in the back. They saw his finger prints on. The detectives said that it was his friendÆs hands. But everyone was like it canÆt be. But then when Jack died he went to his best friendÆs house when he was a ghost and he told him u did this to me and you are going to get it!