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By: Jerry P.
New York, Age 12

A long time ago two parents got sick and were in the hospital. One day their son went to visit them and then the doctors told him that they had died. After that day Andy sacrificed his own life for his parents.
After he died Andy haunted this school I.S.218 once a year in the same room that he killed himself. After he died his parents never came back and thatĂs why he still haunts this school. In 1998 Andy came back to haunt this school for the last time. It was a very dark night and the only person in the school was Mr.Malave the principal of this school, Mr.Malave heard something like a scratch on the board and he got so scared he started running up the stairs. Then the ghost of Andy saw him and cursed him. After that Andy never came back again. After that day Mr.Malave has been bad to the school because of the curse.
Mr.Malave has been bad all these years because when itĂs the day before a holiday and the teacher wants to give us a party he says, ˘There will be no celebrations or parties on this day so you wonĂt disturb other classes.''