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By: Priscilla R.
Colorado, Age 9

One day there was a girl named, A Booger Picking Nose Alien. With 3 heads 4 arms, 6 legs, 3 toes, 1,000 noses and 4 extra ears. She was a very green girl because she
was an alien.
Just then, a war started in 2003. There were aliens and people. When the people
saw the aliens they got all freaked out because they were looking at green people
from outer space.
When the aliens saw the people they started to touch them on the face and stomach. Because they thought that the aliens where going to hurt them, the peolple got all scared and ran off.
When the people went home. They walked in and said aliens are fun to play
with. When their wives and children saw how they were acting, they asked what was the matter with their dadĂs and husbands. They were acting weird even though they didnĂt realize it.
So, when all the dads went home they went home with a spell on them to like
When the moms found out what happened to the dads they got all freaked out and left them. The aliens where laughing at them. When they started crying, the aliens started to feel bad for them, because they were crying and had a sad faces. Booger Picking Nose Alien made imaginary girls just like the wives they had before. The girls said ˘We will be back to live with you. The children miss you theyĂve been crying ever since we left. WeĂve been telling them we will go back to live with your dad. When we told them that we meant it, we just had to bring them back or else they would hate us for the rest of our lives.

MORAL: Never Leave Home.