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''Who Was It''

By: Ashley F.
New York, Age 10

Characters Mysterious: person, a family friend.

One day, a long time in the night time my friend was playing with a ball. He used to live in my house. I live in the basement, {right outside the basement}. By mistake he threw a ball to the stairs to go to the first floor. When he stood up from getting the ball, he looked at the door of the first floor and he saw someone that looked like Dracula. He turned around. When he looked again, there was nothing. Since then, I have always thought that the basement was haunted. But I really think it was a regular person, because people in my building like going to the backyard and smoke. So I am not really scared.
I think that the person who did this was the old man who lives in the fourth floor. I think he doesnĘt have a family. People in the building think that he is a ghost. But I really donĘt care.
They think he is a ghost because he is always in white. He likes going to the streets only at night. He always leaves the building at 12:00 am. He is so scary. That is why everyone in my building thinks that he is a ghost.