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Andy {My Version}

By: Irma B.
Ohio, Age 12

{My Version}

Along time ago there lived a boy named Andy. His parents got sick and had to go to the hospital. Andy got sad because he didnĂt want anything bad to happen to his parents. Everyday after school Andy went to visit his mom and dad. Andy stayed in his house with his aunt. Andy was happy because he thought his parents were getting better, but they were getting worse. Andy didnĂt know that. AndyĂs aunt didnĂt want to tell him because she knows heĂll get mad.
One day when Andy went to visit his parents they werenĂt there. Andy asked the nurse where his parents were. The nurse told him that they died last night. Andy started crying and said that he thought his parents were going to get better and that they would live a normal life.
Andy left the hospital. When he got to his house he told his aunt. His aunt said that she already knew. Andy got mad because his aunt didnĂt tell him his parents were getting worse and were going to die. So Andy went up to his room and stayed there for hours. His aunt got worried and knocked on the door. Andy said, ˘Leave him alone÷.
The next day when Andy woke up he got ready for the funeral. A lot of people went. After the funeral Andy went to his secret place which was a little bench in a park. He stayed there thinking about his parents and how they used to have fun. Andy wanted to be with his parents so he decided to kill himself. Before he killed himself he wrote a letter that he wanted to be buried with his parents. But, they didnĂt bury him with his parents. Andy got mad and haunted his aunt and the people who buried him. From this day on Andy still haunts people. Who knows he may haunt your house ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!