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A Turn of Events

By: Chi D.
New York, Age 12

A Turn of Events
Once upon a time, there lived two happy children whose names were Addison and Adela. One day their once happy village turned into a living nightmare when a gang of bandits came and stole their happiness. Before long, the two innocent children were all alone in solitude. Addison, being the oldest, took the responsibility of keeping the two alive and Adela, being the youngest one, buried everyone who got murdered in the village (including her parents). Not able to bear the burden of losing her whole entire village, Addison ran away to a faraway town to forget about her deceased family and friends. Addison was an extremely smart and talented girl who thinks of others rather than herself. What she did may have seemed selfish to others, but it was for the sake of Adela so she could use up all of the food and products to survive instead of sharing it with Addison.

As soon as Adela came back to the house that had once belonged to her friend’s house, Adela realized that Addison was missing. Searching from end to end, Adela could not find Addison. After searching for a whole week, Adela assumed that Addison was also murdered by the group of bandits that had taken their happiness away. Adela withstood her burdens for a long time, but when she finally released all of it out it resulted into an unexpected split-personality. Adela, not being herself, blamed it all on the King because she thought that he was the cause of the crimes that happened everywhere.

Adela decided upon herself to avenge Addison and all of her friends and family. Before going on her long journey, she makes three promises to herself and vows to accomplish them. Her first promise was to never come back to the village once she started on her journey, the second promise was to leave her identity behind forever once she left her village, and the third promise was to kill the King before she dies.

After traveling for many nights, Adela finally arrives at the capital city. The castle of which the King lived in was easily located because it was built at the center of the city. Adela, being lost, accidentally bumped into a stranger and was taken back into the castle where she met the King. The King, struck by Adela’s beauty, decided to take Adela as his wife, but since her identity was sealed, she was known as Addison. The more Adela spends time with the King, the better she understands him. Adela learned that the King was a gentle and kind person, and so she turned back to her original self. Adela forgot all about her three promises and the loss of her village members.

Finally, all of her burdens were gone and love was replaced. In the very end, Addison came back and the two finally got to meet each other after a long period of time which seemed like forever. The land was finally at peace and no one would ever interfere again…at least in the next one hundred years. The End.