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How Blue Bell Got It's Name

By: Hannah C.
Texas, Age 9

One day on a farm in Idaho, there was a farmer named Charlie Wilson. He was working on his farm and it was very cold outside. Charlie also had a brown cow named Blue Bell
, Charlie loved Blue Bell. He milked her a lot each year. He sold her milk to stores to get
money. He did not have much money at the time but he had gotten a lot of money. He never
milked Blue Bell in winter. He thought about it and this time he was going to milk Blue
Bel just to see what would happen. He got his big silver bucket and put it under Blue
Bell and he sat down on his small wooden stool , and he started to milk Blue Bell.
He reach under Blue Bell and he started to squeeze and squeeze nothing came out so
He tried again something came out it was not milk. It was cream, icy cream! He kept
Milking Blue Bell. He got tons of icy cream and stored it . He called it Ice cream.