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Allie and the black lake

By: Allie N.
Florida, Age 12

One day Allie went on a road trip with her family.They went up to their grandma and grandpas house.When they got there they unpacked then they went on the lake with there grandpas boat.When they got back the made a fire and sat around it for a while, then went to bed.When Allie woke up she looked out the window and all she saw was a black lake,then Allie said,
''But last night it was blue not black''.
So she woke up her mom and dad and said to them''Then lake is black''.Her mom and dad got up and looked at the lake and Allie was right the lake was black.So Allie woke her grandma and grandpa up and said''The lake is black''.They got up and looked at it.Her grandpa said''its o.k,it turns black every year''.''ohhhh'',said Allie.Then the next three days the went home and lived happiley ever after