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A Wish is Granted

By: Claudia and Maria G.
Nevada, Age 11

A long time ago, there was a poor person named Carlos who helped out people. In town there was a genie. Everyone knew this genie. Every time genie went pass town everyone would be nice. Then, one day he saw how nice Carlos was to all the people. After that Genie went up to Carlos and told Carols that he would be granted a wish. Carlos wished that he was the richest guy in town, “But” said the genie, “if you want to be rich you still have to help people in need.” “I promise” said Carlos. First Carlos always helped people. The genie would watch to see if Carlos was not doing good things. As time past Carlos started acting like a jerk. He would call the poor people names and not help them. Then one day he said, “I don’t need to share my money with anyone!” When he said this, the genie said “What did you say?” “You heard me.” said Carlos. Then “I will have to take your wish,” said the genie. “I don’t believe you” said Carlos. The next day Carlos was poor, again. Carlos went looking for the genie. He finally found him. Carlos said, “Please give me my wish back. I’ll be nice.” “Ok” said genie but you can’t wish to be rich again. So what would you like this time? Well, I always wanted a bread store. So genie granted him the bread store. Carlos decided he would give the poor people free bread once a week.