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By: Alex S.
Wisconsin, Age 12

A long time ago, in a village in Africa, a man named Kimar was confronted by a powerful sorcerer. The Kimar was told that the sorcerer could do anything for him.

Kimar was currently working on a new game called Aki Chess, which means light and dark to describe the pieces. He told the sorcerer, I want my game to be finished. The sorcerer replied, Go home, it is done.

Kimar went home and soon began playing his game. He discovered that the pieces attacked and moved on their own. He challenged people to duels and worked his way up in power until one day a fed-up villager fought back.

The Aki Chess battles were fierce, and the only rule was to never play the same game twice. You could create zones with effects and fuse pieces into stronger ones. Kimar had designed the game to win.

Levq had been training hard one day. When Kimar came he began beating the villagers. Levq yelled, I challenge you to a game of Aki Chess !
I accept replied Kimar, Tomorrow at high noon.
The next day Levq arrived at Kimars hut. The pieces were set, and the game was on!

Levq moved first and created a wall of pawns and trap zone. Kimar countered with a double point wall. He also fused his queen and rook and lit his fuse. The bomb exploded and destroyed all the pieces but, Kimars first rook. Ha! I win! declared Kimar

Oh, really. Your move activated my trap reversing the effect and turning it on you, said Levq.

With that,the power, since needing someone to harness it and Levq was unwilling, was destroyed and peace returned to the land. The pieces lost their magic and were renamed chess pieces.''