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A Thief among Thieves

By: Tessa W.
Nevada, Age 13

In a land far, far away, yet not so far away, in a forest that’s not quite a forest lived a thief. A cunning and fast thief who drove everyone crazy. He would steal from the rich and keep for himself.
“I don’t think Yippee has woken up yet.” Rabbit Yardman said to Skunk Lard.
“Then we must hurry up and hide our food and our belongings! Hurry! He can’t stay asleep forever!” Lard said. And they scurried about gathering their supplies and loading them away some place safe. But nothing was ever safe from Squirrel Yippee.
Lard and Yardman came back to the tree where Yippee slept and climbed up it and peeked into his hole of a house.
“He’s awake!” Lard cried out and then scampered back down the tree with Yardman behind him.

A mile away, Yippee was in heaven. He had found the jackpot of all the creatures’ belongings. They had stashed them away for some reason that was beyond Yippee.
He picked up the items one at a time and took them into a nearby hole in a tree left by a woodpecker. He was just starting to relax among his items of bliss when he heard shouting from below.
“Yippee, this is Sheriff Rowles, and you are under arrest!” The turkey shouted. Yippee leaned out and saw the sheriff along with many of the townspeople gathered around outside his tree.
“For what?!” Shouted Yippee down to him. Rowles looked around with a surprised look on his face.
“Well for stealing our stuff!” Rowles hollered up to him. Yippee laughed.
“It’s only stealing if you don’t give it back! Right now, I’m just borrowing.” The sheriff was about to protest, but Yippee kept speaking. “Has there ever been an instance when the very next morning after I BORROWED your supplies that you have not woken up and found your missing supplies back in your home? Don’t answer that! No, I think the real thieves are you. You who try to rouse a poor little squirrel as myself out from my home when he was just borrowing a few needed supplies.” The sheriff did not know what to say. All the townspeople stood there stunned, and all of a sudden Preacher Tom spoke up.
“I agree with the squirrel!” He shouted, and as he did so, he walked off. Then more and more people started leaving until only Lard and Yardman were left standing there.
“Squirrel, you have deceived us one too many times! Now we want our stuff back right this instance!” Lard shouted.
“All you had to do was ask!” The squirrel shouted. And then he threw down their missing items. Lard looked at Yardman with a surprised expression.
“Squirrel, why is it that you steal from us so often?” Yardman asked.
“It is not me who robbed from you first it is you who robbed from me! You treated me as trash, as something which was disgusting before your eyes, even when I did not steal from you. So it is you, not me, who is the true villain here.”
Yardman and Lard immediately realized this was true and cried at their iniquities against the squirrel.
“I am merely a thief among thieves.” The squirrel said.

The moral of this story, is don’t be so quick to judge others that you forget to judge yourself.