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A Folktale On: How to be nice!

By: Elexus H.
Florida, Age 13

“Hey Shelby, can you run these to the Laundromat for me?”
“Sir, as much as I’d love to, I have to go to my son’s wedding.”
“Unless the wedding is 30 minutes long, you should be fine.”
“But sir, I have to get the cake and pick up my son’s tux.”
“Don’t question me! Just do it!”
Harold Watson was the boss of a major bed-making company. He was the nastiest, meanest, rudest boss a person could have. He was inconsiderate and demanding. His patience spanned one minute and he was selfish. There was an incident where a poor man who worked very hard there asked for a raise and he fired him. One day, the employees got tired of the poor treatment. So they decided to play a trick on him.
“Sir, may I leave now?”
“Yeah sure. But I’m cutting your pay.”
“But sir it’s an hour past quitting time. Plus, I have a planned a vacation right when I get enough money. If my pay is cut, it will take longer to go and there’s a $100 cancellation fee!”
“Fine, I’ll go for you.”
“But sir, it was for my anniversy with Bobby.”
“Never mind that. You can have it elsewhere.”
“Sir, it’s specifically for couples. It’s supposed to be romantic and cozy.”
“I’ll bring my wife. Our marriage is going down to gutter anyway.”
“Ok sir. Here’s the pamphlet.”
The plan was going exactly the way Shelby and the other employees wanted it to. She watched as her boss glowered over the pamphlet. She smiled with satisfaction before her boss could look up at her.
“Alright Shelby. You may go. And your pay is cut back 5%.”
“Yes sir.”
She left to her home to be with her husband. She had to give up her vacation, but it was worth it to teach her boss a lesson.
“Hi honey.”
“Hi Shelby. You look satisfied today.”
“Yes. I am very satisfied.”
She had forgotten that she had not told him of her plan. After she told him. He smiled at her.
“Well, Shelby, I am disappointed we cannot go on our romantic vacation, but it’s worth it. We’ll find somewhere else to go.”
“Indeed it is.”
The next day, Harold and his wife set out for their romantic vacation. They were just getting on the highway when they started arguing over the directions.
“Harold, honey, we have to go right on I-90.”
“The directions from Shelby say left!”
“Map Quest says right!”
“I’m driving and I say left! We’re going left!”
“If we get lost, it’s your fault.”
“No, it’s Shelby’s fault for giving me wrong directions. If they are wrong, I’m firing her.”
“You should’ve listened to Map Quest. There’s no need to fire that sweet young lady.”
Soon enough, they were lost. He banged his fists and yelled out.
“Darn it Shelby!”
“I told you we should’ve listened to Map Quest. Now we’re lost.”
“Well, at least there’s nothing worse than being lost in the middle of nowhere.”
Just then, they ran over a needle.
“Does the universe always have to prove me wrong?!”
“ Well, you always are wrong.”
“ I’m going to find help. You stay here and watch my precious car.”
Then Harold was off to find help. After walking for a while, he wanted to turn back. Then he noticed a message on the ground. It read: Harold, follow the hedgehog. He saw a little creature walking away.
“Wait! Come back! If this is some kind of practical joke, it’s not funny!”
He walked along with the hedgehog until the reached an oasis.
“I don’t know what’s been in that water!”
The hedgehog started gulping down water and reluctantly, Harold started taking handfuls of water and drinking it. Then they were off again. After a while, they reached a cave. A small light flickered inside. A dark women figure sat there, as if she were expecting someone.
“I’ve been expecting you, Harold.”
“How do you know my name, and how did you know I was coming?”
“ Never mind that. I know you’re in need of a tire, but you’re in need of something much greater.”
“A lesson in how to be kind to others. I know how you are to those around you. You are not that kind.”
“ I guess I shouldn't of cut Shelby’s pay for going home.”
“ Maybe I should give her and that poor man a 10% raise.”
“Really? I mean, yes, you should.”
“ I should listen to my wife too.”
“Yes. Now, instead of telling me, why don’t you do it?”
“ Of course. Thank-you.”
“Your welcome. Oh, and here’s your tire.”
Then, a tire appeared in front of him. He took it back to the car and put it on his car.
“Ok honey, lead the way.”
“Really? Well, ok.”
She drove them to the resort and they had a romantic time. On Monday, he kept his word and he learned a valuable lesson; how to be kind.