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ôWho Made The Worldö

By: Kacey W.
Wisconsin, Age 11

There was a little boy siting on the beach, gazing out at the sun. This boy loved nature! He hardly had seen his dad because his dad was always on business trips. One day the little boy looked out in to the gulf and pondered who had made the world. The little boy thought very long and hard about this. The little boy decided he would go out and find out who had made the world.
The boy started out on his journey with a carton of milk and his favorite stuff animal Mr. Fufu, who was a bunny. After about ten minutes on his journey he found a cow. The little boy asked, ˘Hello, cow, do you know who made the world?÷
The cow replied, ÷No, IĂĂm sorry. I donĂt, but I do know that he lives high above the ground.÷
÷Thank you,÷ said the little boy, and he continued on his journey to find out who had made the world.
Much later on the boy found a bird siting on its eggs to keep them warm. ˘Hello,÷ said the boy, ˘Do you know who made the world?÷
ŠŠIĂm sorry. I donĂt,÷ said the bird, ˘but I do know he watches us every day. ÷
Š÷Thank you,÷ said the boy, but as he left the little boy thought to himself, ÷ I donĂt think anyone knows who made the world. They just have ideas about who did. ÷
˘DonĂt think that,÷ said a snake
˘But everyone that IĂve talked to doesnĂt know who made the world, ÷ replied the boy.
˘IĂve heard you can talk to the person anytime you want, ÷ said the snake.
˘Thank you very much,÷ said the boy.
˘DonĂt forget you can find a solution to anything you want,˘ said the snake.
˘IĂll remember that,÷ said the boy.
Much later on the boy ran into a spider. ˘Hello,÷ said the boy,÷ do you know who made the world?÷
˘No, IĂm sorry, little boy. I donĂt know anything really,÷ replied the spider.
˘Well, thank you for your time. Bye,÷ said the boy.
The boy was starting to give up on his journey, but when he remembered what the snake said to him about, ÷never give up,÷ so he continued. Next the little boy came across a wolf and asked him, ÷Do you know who made the world?÷
˘You know what? I never thought about that,˘ the wolf said, ÷ but I did hear he created the galaxies.÷
˘Thanks a lot!˘ exclaimed the little boy, and then he asked, ÷Why do people think youĂre mean?÷
˘I donĂt know why,÷ replied the wolf.
The boy started to walk into the woods. ˘Hoo, Hoo, Hoo.÷ The boy heard, ˘Hoo are you?÷ asked an owl.
˘IĂm a boy, but people call me cutie, and I donĂt like it, ÷ said the boy ˘Do you know who made the world?÷
˘IĂm sorry, little boy, I donĂt,÷ replied the owl, ˘but I believe there is someone out there that did.÷
Right outside the woods the boy found a beach, ˘I donĂt think anyone knows who made the world because no one made the world. The world is just a planet in space thatĂs been here forever! ÷ exclaimed the boy.
˘DonĂt give up,÷ said a voice.
˘Who was that?÷ asked the boy.
˘IĂm God, the creator of everything. You see. I made the Earth and the galaxies,÷ God said.
˘Where are you?÷ asked the boy.
˘IĂm not visible for you to see, but IĂm everywhere,÷ said God.
˘Thank you for answering my question,÷ said the little boy, ÷but I have another question. Can you take me home? IĂm lost. ÷
˘Follow the gold path, and you will be home,÷ God revealed.
˘Thank you very much!÷ exclaimed the boy.
The little boy followed the gold path and found his way home. When he told the story to people no one believed him, but he knew he was right. Later in his life the little boy became a priest.