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Bubba Bee And Beezy

By: Levi G.
Ohio, Age 14

Once upon a time there was a little been names Beezy. Beezy didn't have many bee friends and he wasn't veary smart. One day Beezy and his only friend Bubba Bee decided they were gonna run away from there hive. Beezy and Bubba wanted to see the rest of the World. Beezy planed it all out while every one was out collectiong pollen and producing honey him and Bubba would pretend to do the same. Beezy planed to do this all on friday wich was the main day for gettin polllen and making honey for there colony. When it came to Friday Buuba awas getting woried and anxious. Beezy assured him every thing was going to be fine and that they wouldnt get caught. Beezy and Bubba headed to the front of the hive wear the door lied. Beezy opend the door and Buuba and him left the hive. They couldn't belive what they saw. Open land as far as the eye could see. They stepped out and enjoeyed the new land. They all of a sudden got home sick and decided that is wasnt worth it. When they decided to come back to the hive they got lost and couldnt find there way back. They saw a swarm passing bye