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By: Sam H.
West Virginia, Age 9

One warm sunny day in the ocean reef, a long time ago, there were four very best friends. One was an octopus named Oct. The other was a seahorse named Harry. And one was a crab named Krangler. Last but not least there was Dolphin Dan. They were out playing tag. “Tag you’re it,” said Oct. Then suddenly they heard, “Ahh! HELP!” They ran as fast as they could back to the reef. It was too late. All the fish were caught in a net by the nastiest pirate in the sea, Captain Peggy Legs. He sailed back into the deep. “What are we going to do?” asked Harry. “Don’t worry,” said Oct. “We have to keep trying.” “HE’S RIGHT!” said the others “Ok” said Harry. So they all followed the ship. Suddenly the ship came to a stop, Capt. Peggy Legs jumped off the ship with the net and went in a black hole. The four friends followed him. Then they stopped and set a trap. “Hey you!” yelled Dolphin Dan. Captain Peggy Legs ran after him. “OUCH!” yelled Capt. Peggy Legs. He kicked a rock and bounced in to the trap. Krangler laughed, “Told you wooden legs were not smart” The four friends went outside to the net and freed the fish.