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''How A Cat Got Good Eye Sight''

By: Deklyn S.
California, Age 7

Once upon a time a cat had bad eye sight. All the cats made fun of her because she kept bumping into things. One day she saw the other cats climbing the trees. The cat tried to climb too, but she climbed two feet off the ground and then she began to fall. She tried to hang on but she fell. So She went walking and found a grape vine. The tree saw her bumping into everything. The grape vine said, ''I will peel two grapes for you for eye balls. Then, the cat said, ''it's not that I don't have eyeballs I just can't see''. ''Oh'', said the grape vine. The cat walked further and soon she bumped into another blind cat. Then the cats realized that they had an extra coat of hair in their eyes. Then, she said, ''I'll scratch you hair out of your eyes if you do mine. So they did. From that day on they could see and they were never teased again.