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~Be you~

By: Vanessa R.
New York, Age 11

Have you ever felt worthless and you donĂt know what to do with your life? A young sweet girl gets a feeling of what she should do with her life. By watching people do wrong.
Once upon a time there was a young girl named Kiki, who was beautiful, but felt worthless. There were other girls that were worth being around because they had a job and worked successful, but they were mean and judgmental.
Kiki would copy everyone. So, Lulu one of the mean and judgmental girls dislikes Kiki. She pretended to be a thief, so that Kiki would become a thief and caught. Lulu even stole her friendĂs necklace, which was made of gold. Kiki saw this happen, and immediately went to LuluĂs friendĂs house and stole gold diamond earrings. When Kiki approached home she didnĂt know what to do with the earrings. She didnĂt even like to wear jewelry.
Without Kiki knowing, Lulu was watching her. Quickly, Lulu called her friend Tooty, which whom she had stole the jewelry, and Tooty saw her most valuable earrings in KiKiĂs Hands! She immediately ran up to Kiki and grabbed her by the arm. Before Tooty got the chance to speak, Kiki said, ˘Hi there, would like these earrings. I have no clue to do with them?÷
Tooty yelled at her, ˘ You fool those are my earrings! Why did you steal my earrings? You you, I donĂt know what you are!÷
˘IĂm sorry, I saw someone steal your gold necklace, so I wanted to steal something.÷
˘ Did you say someone stole my golden necklace?÷

˘ Let me think about her nameÓ Oh yes, her name isÓ.÷
Before Kiki could say the name of the thief, Lulu interrupted their conversation.
˘ LetĂs just leave. Take your earrings and leave.÷ Lulu said in a terrifying way.
˘ No. I want to know who stole my golden necklace! Go on, Kiki, as you were saying.÷
˘Oh yes, now I remember. Her name was Lulu or in other words, her.÷
˘ Very funny, you fool. You stole my necklace too.÷
˘No, I didnĂt. Lulu stole your necklace. IĂm telling you the truth. Why donĂt you believe me?÷
˘ Before I did, but then you have changed many times. If your telling the truth then I shall take a lying test tomorrow.÷

Lulu started getting very nervous and afraid. If they find out she had stolen the necklace she would suffer a punishment the king has assigns her.
˘ I shall also take a scan test.÷ Said Tooty
˘How would you do that?÷ asked Kiki in a curiosity.
˘My necklace is gold right? So it wouldnĂt melt if I pour steaming lava on it. Then the fingerprints would appear. My daddyĂs men would search who fits the fingerprints perfectly. Who fits the prints shall suffer for ever.÷ Tooty was ready to after that promise. But, before she could leave Lulu was gone!
˘Lulu where are you?÷ Tooty was yelling out in the woods but there was no response.
Tooty grabbed her earrings and left Kiki alone. Kiki wasnĂt panic, there wasnĂt anything for her to panic about. She didnĂt do anything wrong. So, Kiki started to go home and take a nice nap for tomorrows big day.
While Tooty was walking home, Lulu was at TootyĂs house putting back the gold necklace. She didnĂt know about the scan test. So, now her fingerprints were on the golden necklace. Tooty already knew her necklace was missing. Finally, Tooty arrived and Lulu was gone.
The next day arrived and they took the lying test but it didnĂt work! But, it was time to do the scan test. The scan test was only between Kiki and Lulu. They poured lava on the necklace and finger prints appeared. Then, they tested the girlsĂ fingers. Lulu was guilty and she suffered in the wild jungle with no food and water. Also, she couldnĂt come back to her town ever again. She'll be living with fat ugly mean gorillas.

Kiki was award with a wonderful job and home for telling the truth. Also, Tooty had a friend that was very handsome and wise, that fell in love with Kiki. They lived happy ever after. ~The End~