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A crazy school learns a lesson

By: George A.
New York, Age 11

One time in the wild town of Mount Kisco, there was a middle school that was really crazy. All of the hallways were full of papers and trash. The students did not listen to their teachers. In that school the teachers listen to the children! The meanest bully in the world attended that school. If he saw a nerd he would beat him up!
One day a new student came to the school. He was nice, smart, and playful. He was exited for school. Before opening the school door he was imagining that he would make a lot of friends and would do really well in school. He thought that it would be the best school he ever attended.
When the new kid entered the school he saw the disaster. He became frightened. He went across the filthy hallway into the PrincipleĂs office. The boy went inside and knew something was wrong. A kid was the Principle! The boy started to cry. ˘Stop crying you little baby÷, said the boy behind the big principleĂs desk. ˘I thought that this was going to be the best school I have ever been to, but it just turned in to a disaster÷! said the boy. ˘Well guess again, cry baby,÷ said the boy principle. ˘ Get out of my face and get to class before I suspend you for a year÷! The boy bolted out to his classroom. He knew that there was more to come. When he entered his classroom he saw a little kid getting beat up by the meanest bully in the world. He quickly went to stop him before he did any thing bad to the little boy. ˘Why donĂt you pick some one your own size,÷ said the boy. The bully said, ˘All right. YouĂre my size. IĂll beat you up, but not right now. At 4 oĂclock. Right here in school, outside youĂre over÷.
The boy was really scared and burst into tears. He tried to get out of the school but a group of bullies were guarding the exits. The boy tried making plans. He spent two hours thinking of a wayĂs so the bully would not beat him up. He finally came up with a plan.
The time came for the fight, but the boy pleaded, ˘please donĂt beat me up÷. ˘Why shouldnĂt I?÷ said the bully. ˘Think about it, all of you. There are many reasons why you should not beat me up or any other kid. You could kill someone, and worst of all, you could end up in jail,÷ said the boy. Just then endless police cars arrived and surrounded the huddle of students. The police took every last bully away. The boyĂs plan worked. The frightened bullies held in jail as the boy and the police worked together to teach the bullies a lesson. There, they received the treatment they gave to others. All of a sudden, all of the bad kids turned in to the nicest kids. The school magically became clean and the teachers were really the teachers now! Everybody was glad that they were nice and now the boy thought that that school was the best school he has ever gone to plus, he was the hero of the school and he got a reward.

The End