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How the Zebra Got Its Stripes

By: Jennifer A.
New York, Age 9

Once upon a time, a zebra named Stripes lived on a very big plain.Stripes had 1 brother and 2 sisters.The brother's name was Matt.The sister's names were Mel and Sam.''I am going for a run!''said Stripes to her dad.''Okay!''said Stripe's dad.While Stripes was running, she saw a weird cloud that looked like fairy.''Woah, what was that?''Stripes said to herself.As she was running the fairy cloud popped out right in frount of Stripes.''Who are you?''Stripes said''I am a fairy my name is Rainbow''said the fairy.''Well what are you ding here?''said Stripes.''I see you have no stripes,I got a message from God he said you must have stripes''said Rainbow.All of a sudden BOOM! ''Ouch!''yelled Stripes.''What happend?''said the worried fairy.''I just fell in mud!''said Stripes''Uh-oh!''said Rainbow.In a snap of her fingers she had a bandaid in no time.''Here you go''said Rainbowputting the bandaid on Stripes.''Now we need to talk about those stripes''said Rainbow.''But,I don't want stripes''said Stripes.Without saying another word she snapped her fingers and when she snapped her fingers.''BAM!'' ''What did you just do?''said Stripes ''I told you, you need to have stripes!''said Rainbow.''Well they actually look really nice! Thank you!'' said Stripes.Your welcome!Bye-bye now!''Thats how the zebra got its stripes!