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How the Kangaroo Got it's Pouch

By: Nicole C.
New York, Age 9

Once apon a time on a rainy day a kangaroo rested inside it's cave with her baby. Her baby was cold, and the rain came down like a dog's bark, flying through the air like lightning. After the rain had stoped, it was 12:00 midnight, and the baby was asleep. The kangaroo went outside, and right in front of her there it was! A shooting star! She closed her eyes, and wished. She wished she had something to keep her baby warm, and to stay with her. She went back to the cave and woke up in the morning with a soft, warm pouch. She picked up her baby and put it in her pouch. The kangaroo was so happy! Sence tat day all kangaroos have a pouch, for their babies!!!