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How The Bird got Its Wings

By: Henry B.
New York, Age 9

Once upon a time there was a bird who had no wings. He was very young and mean. All he said to his mom and dad was that he wanted his wings. I want my WINGS! His parents asked him if he wanted a different thing, but all he said was I want my WINGS! He got older and went to school and everyone made fun of him because he was the only one with no wings. Ha Ha! You don't have wings! Hey everyone! Its the kid with no wings!One day when he had no school, it was his birthday.When he had his cake he started to feel something.Then out from his side he grew his wings.Then when he went to school no one made fun of him and he was very nice.The next time he goes home he will always fly and he is so happy because his wings helped him alot.