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How The Sugar Glider Got It's Tail

By: Isabelle R.
New York, Age 9

Long ago in Australia, there lived a small colony of Sugar Gliders. You wouldn't find places like this these days.Sun shining,plants so big you would think they touched the clouds.Anyway,The king was very greedy.He sent for all the young ones in the kingdom and said ''Bring me all the sweet food in the kingdom if you want to survive here'' and with that they set off at amazing speed.Bouncing from branch to branch.One little glider in particular set off for the land of growth.A secret place it had discovered on the other side of the great lake.When it arrived it immediately began stealing food to bring to the king.The king was so pleased that it forced the little glider to tell it where it got the food.It sent for all the gliders in the kingdom to bring food for him from this ''Land of growth''and if it was not more rich in taste then any other king in the world possessed they would be beheaded.One little glider was caught and confesed that the king was behind all of this.The animals who had gotten robbed were angry.They called opon their ansestors for help.Now as you can guess their ansestors were not very happy.One of them went over to the king and stretched him out untill his tail was very long.The king was so ashamed that he chewed part of his tail off but it was still very long.That is the sugar glider got it's tail