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A Half Truth is a Whole Lie

By: Tiara G.
Australia, Age 14

Once there lived a beautiful young, yet secretive princess named Jessica. She lived in a gorgeous old castle with her mother (the queen) and her father (the king). Princess Jessica had just turned 8 yrs old and was now ready to start school. “But I don’t want to go! The other kids will make fun of me,” whined Princess Jessica as her mother tied the silky purple bow at the back of her frilly dress.
“No they won’t! You’re a princess. They’ll love you,” her mother reassured her.

“Have a nice day,” said Princess Jessica’s butler, Martin as he dropped her off at school.
“I doubt it,” she mumbled quietly to herself. Princess Jessica wondered over to some girls that looked her age. “Hi. I’m Prin… Jessica. But everyone calls me Jess.” Jessica knew it wasn’t right to lie but she couldn’t let anyone know that she was a princess.
“What’s with the dress? It looks like you got it from the queen,” the girls all laughed.
“No my grandmother got it for me and I wore it so she didn’t think I hated it. Do you honestly think I would buy this?” Jessica did a fake laugh. But inside she thought there was nothing wrong with it.
“Well I’m Jade, I’m Abby and I’m Melanie,” introduced the girls.
“So what do your parents do?” asked Abby at lunch time.
Jessica thought quickly, “My mum is a cook and my dad is a… a gardener.”
“Cool! My dad does gardening too,” exclaimed Abby.

As the days went by, Jessica became closer to her new friends and she told more and more lies.

On Saturday, it was the street parade and the royal family was to appear. But Jessica didn’t know that her friends would be there. As the royal family came out on the main street in their limo, Jessica saw her friends standing on the side of the road. But it was too late. Before she could hide they had already seen her.

On Monday at school, all her friends avoided her. They wouldn’t talk, sit even look at her. The next day Jessica got the courage to go and talk to her friends. “Hi ‘Princess Jessica’,” smirked Melanie.
“I was going to tell you guys,” said Jessica.
“But why would you lie to us? We thought we could trust you,” replied Jade.
“Look, I’m really sorry. I just wanted to fit in. If you knew I was princess, you would make fun of me,” explained Jessica.
“Why would we do that? Being a princess would be awesome,” said Abby.
“I don’t know. I said I was sorry. Please forgive me. I can give you a tour of my castle,” begged Jessica. The other girls paused for a moment.
“OK. As long as you don’t lie to us again,” the girls said in agreement.
“Alright. You’ve got it,” thanked Jessica. From then on Princess Jessica learnt her lesson to never lie again and she didn’t.