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A Clever Dog

By: Kofi A.
New Jersey, Age 9

Once upon a time, there was a dog-named Marley. He lived with his owner Billy. Billy was a famous star from the band Connect 4 and people always wanted a person like him in their life. However, one day out in the city of Los Angeles Billy went on a walk with Marley. Two men wanted the fame from Billy. Get him! Yelled Rob one of the men. They grabbed Billy, threw him into their car, and drove away. Billy! Yelled Marley [secretly he can talk] as they drove away with Billy. Marley ran over to his friend Rex’s house and his brother Flex’s house. You guys! Two men stole Billy! Said Marley. What are we going to do? Let us travel and try to find him. When should we start? Asked Flex. Now! Said Marley.

Let go of me! Yelled Billy as they drove off. A while later, Flex, Marley, and Rex found where they took Billy. There he is said Marley. They were tying Billy up with rope and trying to make him tell them some of Connect 4 most famous songs. All right Flex you go and distract the men, Rex you go and get Billy and I will do the rest said Marley. So Flex went to go distract the men, Rex went to go get Billy, and Marley went to go get the police.

You men are in big trouble said one of the police officers. Good boys! Said Billy to the three dogs. Moreover, he said to Marley and you are a clever dog!